EFDAA is in the process of establishing a web site listing jobs for the RDAEF in California.

Job Listing Mission

  • Connect RDAEFs with dentists that wish to utilize advanced direct patient care services for their patients.
  • Provide RDAEFs thinking of re-locating an opportunity to seek out available job opportunities for RDAEFs.
  • Provide dentists the opportunity to seek out interested RDAEFs that may be interested in re-locating.

RDAEFs Seeking Employment
If you are interested in securing a position as an RDAEF, please click here to post your resume and search for a position.  These services are free for members of EFDAA.

Dentists Seeking To Hire An EF
Have you had difficulty in finding an existing RDAEF?  Click here to post your job offer and you can review any resumes of interested RDAEFs in your area.  Fee to list your job and have access to those EFs seeking employment is just $100 per month.