Orthodontic Assistants ... desirous of seeking licensure as an Orthodontic Assistant ... you can enroll in EFDAAs Dental Board approved 84 hour Orthodontic Permit Program for Dental Assistants and just 55 hour program for RDAs at our training sites.. Are there 4 dental assistants in your office who wish to secure an OA license...if so we can send an instructor to you? E-mail us at efdaa4u@earthlink if you are interested in a custom OA program. Upon completion of this course and passage of state written examination, you will be able to perform advanced orthodontic procedures in an orthodontic setting or a general dentist that provides orthodontic treatment.

Course will train you to:

  • Prepare teeth for bonding, and select, preposition, and cure orthodontic brackets after their position has been approved by the licensed dentist.
  • Remove only orthodontic brackets and attachments with removal of the bonding material by the supervising licensed dentist.
  • Size, fit, and cement orthodontic bands.
  • Remove orthodontic bands and remove excess cement from supragingival surfaces of teeth with a hand instrument.
  • Place and ligate archwires.
  • Remove excess cement with an ultrasonic scaler from supragingival surfaces of teeth undergoing orthodontic treatment.

What are the Course Pre-Requisites?

Completion of the following must be submitted with the registration form:

  • 6 months work experience (must be completed before sitting for the DB written examination; certification by a DDS is required; RDAs are exempt from this requirement)
  • Dental Board approved course in the California Dental Practice Act
  • Dental Board approved 8 hour course in Infection Control (Currently licensed RDAs are exempt from this requirement)
  • Basic life support (CPR)
  • Proof of Employer's Liability Insurance Coverage

General Program Information

  • The theory portion of the OA program will be provided as a home study. This instruction can be done in the privacy of your own home.  A written examination will be conducted after you complete the homestudy program.
  • Classroom instruction will be scheduled either on Saturdays or Sundays for a total of three extended days for your convenience.
  • In addition to classroom instruction, you will be required to complete clinical instruction in your dental office or a facility that allows you to perform clinically these orthodontic procedures.  This requirement begins after you have completed the online education and classroom instruction.

Tuition cost: $700

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you are unable to attend our courses (except for the RDAEF programs) and we receive your cancellation at least five business days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund except for a $100 processing fee.  All cancellations must be received by our office via email at efdaa4u@earthlink.net. Custom courses scheduled cannot be changed or cancelled; thus there is no refund on the tuition.

What if EFDAA has to Cancel the Class?

Occasionally courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment.  Students will be given a full refund, unless the student requests transfer to another course.  Every reasonable effort will be made to reach students of cancellations and/or changes.

What are the requirements for Program Supplies?

Students will be required to bring all orthodontic instruments, some orthodontic supplies that are commonly utilized in an orthodontic practice.  Armamentaria such as orthodontically banded typodonts; regular typodonts, bench mounts and some consumable orthodontic materials will be provided by EFDAA.  A list of the required materials will be sent to you after you have registered in the course.

Is their Federal Financial Aid Available for this course?

To our knowledge there are no institutions providing financial aid for this short of a program.  We will be accepting several credit cards, cashier checks, money orders or dentist checks for tuition payment.  We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express.

What are the Attendance Requirements?

Attendance is mandatory and any missed day requires repeating the course at the regular tuition rate.

How are the Course Written and Practical Examinations Conducted?

Written examination will be given to you as part of your homestudy on the last day of class.  Practical examinations will be given throughout the course.  The homestudy syllabus is very comprehensive and will prepare you for the state OA written examination.  Your continued study is the key to successfully becoming a permitted OA.

Program Instructor

Experienced orthodontic educators will be providing instruction for this course.

What are the Dental Board requirements after the OA Program is Completed?

All graduates from the program will be required to sit and pass a Dental Board administered written examination in procedures listed in the OA category.  This written examination must be with a 75% pass rate. Information on protocol for sitting for this Dental Board examination will be provided to all registered students upon acceptance. The application fee to take this examination, which are given at the PSI examination centers in California is $26.50.

Click here for the Registration Form for the Orthodontic Assistant (OA) Permit Course

Click here for the Class Schedule

How do I reach EFDAA if I have any questions?

The easiest and most efficient way to contact us is via the e-mail system. Contact us at efdaa4u@earthlink.net. If you wish to reach us by phone, call 760-200-2851.

* Information on the online component of the program will be provided via e-mail after we have completed the registration process.