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EFDAA has great news! We are now offering the newest edition to our RDA Review Manual. Since the Dental Board has made some major revisions and is now incorporating all of the information on the California Law and Ethics examination into the RDA examination, our new manual, including study questions after each unit, is ready to assist you in passing the RDA written examination!

Why Chose EFDAA’s California RDA Written Review Manual and Study Questions?

Do not risk finding out while you are taking the real Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) that you are not prepared. Instead, go in knowing that you are prepared. Here are some great reasons why EFDAA’s new review manual is the best source for passing this important examination. Passage of this exam takes you down the road to becoming licensed as an RDA.

What is Included in this Package?

  • This new textbook is designed to focus RDA written examination plan and the Content Outline.
  • Our practice study questions are designed to have a similar look-and-feel of the real questions on the written examination. When you actually take the state exam, you will already be completely familiar with its navigation and behavior.

Cost:  $60

This California RDA manual/study questions are so designed to be clear, concise and simple manner. The author for this new revised book is Barbara Blade, RDAEF, Kristy Borquez, RDAEF and Lori Thomas, RDAEF2. They are notable writers, lecturers and clinicians in dental assisting education for over thirty years.

We want you to walk out of the real exam confident and knowing that your time preparing with our examination packet was a success!

Why Buy EFDAA’s Manual and Questions?

  • Our manual is the most current as many other manuals have been in existence for a longer period of time and may not contain the latest updates, including the law and ethics information.
  • We understand there are many costs to become an RDA as with out classes, we will be charging a minimal fee for this new manual.

Registered Dental Assistant Content Outline

(140 scored questions with 15 non-scored questions)

1. Patient Screening and Education (25%, 20 Questions)
a. Health History
b. Patient Records
c. Patient Management
d. Mouth Mirror Oral Inspection
e. Education
(1) Prevention
(2) Pre- and Post-Operative Instructions
2. Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry (30%, 24 Questions)
a. Dental Materials
b. Bases, Liners, Bonding Agents
c. Cements
d. Temporary Sedative Dressings (Fillings)
e. Direct and Indirect Provisionals
f. Removable Prosthetics
g. Bleaching Procedures
3. Infection Control (24%, 18 Questions)
a. Hand Hygiene
b. Personal Protective Equipment
c. Decontamination
d. Instrument Processing
e. Disinfection
f. Sterilization
g. Dental Unit Waterlines
h. Hazardous Waste Disposal
4. Occupational Safety and Health (3%, 5 Questions)
a. Injury and Illness Prevention
b. Exposure Control
c. Hazard Communication
d. Chemical and Waste Management
5. Preventive Procedures (5%, 7 Questions)
a. Coronal Polish
b. Pit and Fissure Sealants
(1) Caries Detection
6. Medical Emergency Preparedness (5%, 7 Questions)
7. Dental Radiation Safety (3%, 5 Questions)
a. Operator Protection Measures
b. Patient Protection Measures
8. Endodontic Procedures (2%, 4 Questions)
9. Periodontal and Post Extraction Dressings (1%, 5 Questions)
10. Orthodontic Procedures (3%, 5 Questions)
a. Ligatures and Arch Wires
b. Orthodontic Bands

Our proof of success is with our customers. Many of them have contacted us stating that they failed the real test until finding and utilizing our site. With our well-constructed tests and you taking the time to practice, we can make passing the RDA written examination a cinch!

Written Study Questions

You can maximize your test taking skills by practicing with our study questions and answers that are included in the manual by chapter!

• Questions use the format used on the state exam.
• Questions test your basic knowledge of the subject material included in the manual.

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