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Testimonials from our Graduates

“I have taken the EF II course through EFDAA and and happy to say I passed.  The information and hands on training I was given in the class was outstanding.  The smaller class size really helps with the one on one time with the instructor’s.  The friendships that were made are not something you often find in larger classes. I hope to continue learning and also at some time help teach this course.  Barbara and her staff at EFDAA were also very helpful when I was trying to get into the course.  I have taken other classes with Barbara Blade involvement and found them very professional.”  Jennifer C


“EFDAA offers us the required DA courses often and near my home in San Francisco.  They are the best and on point!”  Angelica S.


“It was the best course I have ever had.”  Jose R.  K.


“The teachers were patient, helpful and taught me a lot.”   Andrea C.


“EFDAA’s faculty is a great group of people.  Never once did I feel nervous or feel uncomfortable to ask a question.  Thank you EFDAA.”  Leticia T.


“I graduated from EFDAA’s EF2 program a few years ago.  I am doing really well and love performing these new procedures.  I owe all of this to EFDAA’s faculty and staff.”    Kim B.

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