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8 Hour Infection Control

Dental Assistants and those sitting for the RDA examination, are you aware that now you must complete an 8 hour hands on course in infection control as part of a legislative mandate?  Enroll today in EFDAA’s Dental Board approved 8 Hour IC Course.  We are one of the first to be approved.

Now unlicensed dental assistants employed in a dentist’s continuous employment for 120 days or more must complete, within a year of the date of employment, a Dental Board approved 8 hour course in infection control and a Dental Board approved 2 hour course in the California Dental Practice Act (CDPA).

Important Information for Dental Assistants sitting for the RDA examination:  You must complete these two courses before you can become licensed as an RDA!!!!

Tuition cost:  $275.

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Custom 8 Hour IC Course in Your Office

If you are unable to come to one of our classes, we can customize a class for you and your co-workers in the comfort of your office. You will need a minimum of 4 people to enroll in this course.  Please call the office to set- up a date and location at 760-200-2851 or by emailing us at  efdaa4u@efdaaservices.com

How is the Course Organized?

Four hours of the 8 hour course will be completed as a homestudy in the privacy of your home or office.  The syllabus, examination will be e-mailed to you once we receive your registration. The additional 4 hours will be offered through traditional hands on format in a dental office training facility in your community or through a customized course in your office.  Classes are now ready!!!   Click on the Class Schedule below and make a chose in your area.

To adequately ensure that you are well trained, you must arrive on time and bring the required materials listed in your student kit. Students will not be able to attend the required class.

Why Should I Choose EFDAA for the 8 Hour Infection Control Course?

  • Scheduling Options.  Have you had trouble finding a course to complete in a timely manner?  EFDAA offers this course in a variety of locations and convenient time.  They are offered often to fit your schedule.
  • Experience and Professional Faculty.  EFDAA’s faculty are currently practicing RDAEFs; have years of industry experience and been educators for numerous years.  They are caring and very helpful to students, as past graduates have raved how outstanding our teaching staff is.
  • Efficient Time Spent in Classroom.  We understand how busy you are and to meet your needs, our instruction is provided in the most efficient ways.  Lectures are completed   through a homestudy program, which reduces lecture time in the classroom.  We offer a small class size in all of our courses, which allow students to perform require infection control procedures in a timely fashion with an instructor assisting in the learning process.
  • Affordable Tuition Costs.  Due to our efficient scheduling, we are able to offer you the most reasonable tuition offered.

I have a question about the course, how can I get it answered? 

The fast and most efficient method is to e-mail us at  efdaa4u@efdaaservices.com or call us at 760-200-2851.

What is the Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend our courses (except for the RDAEF programs) and we receive your cancellation at least five business days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund except for a $25 processing fee. If you are unable to attend the course due to COVID EFDAA is requesting a copy of the test results prior to rescheduling, you into another date. All cancellations must be received by our office via email at  efdaa4u@efdaaservices.com. For lost certificates, a $25 fee will be required for a duplicate copy.

What Occurs if EFDAA Has to Cancel a Class?

Occasionally courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment.  Students will be given a full refund, unless the student requests transfer to another course.  Every reasonable effort will be made to reach students of cancellations and/or changes.

What must I do if I have lost my certificate?

If you lose your certificate, you must send us a letter requesting a duplicate copy. In this letter, please specify when you completed this course, the location, where you wish the certificate to be mailed. The cost for this service is $25.

How do I reach EFDAA if I have any questions?

The easiest and most efficient way to contact us is via the e-mail system. Contact us at  efdaa4u@efdaaservices.com. If you wish to reach us by phone, call 760-200-2851.

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